Synestizer - Kaspar König (nl), Dan Mackinlay (au), Christoph Stähli (ch) (A/V Performance)

event - Synestizer
event - Synestizer
event - Synestizer

"Synestizer" ist eine Webapplikation welche Musik aufgrund des Farbspektrums aus einer Kamera erzeugt.

Synestizer is a webapp that synthesizes sound based on the input of the webcam in realtime.

The word Synestizer is a blend of the word synthesizer (electric signals converted into sounds) and synaesthesia (sensation together). The synestizer webapp is an attempt to sonify the live imagery of a (web-)camera by making colour values audible in different ways. The idea behind the synestizer is to let visual and audio-input interact to tickle the synapses between your ears and eyes. In many ways visualizers (including screensavers) do this by transforming sound into animated or generated graphics. The synestizer tries to do the opposite as it translates Red, Green and Blue values to sound. For this effect or let’s say „sense“ there are new methods and techniques explored, developed and spread online. That's why it is time to open the digital window and listen to it.

Samstag, 18. Juli 2015, 21:00

@klubi: 5 CHF
Mit Festivalpass: gratis


Wasserwerkstrasse 89a
8037 Zürich

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Christoph Stähli

Cyberspace is my home, digital bohemianism my style! Christoph Stähli, born on 26. Sept. 1982 lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.


Christoph Stähli arbeitet als freischaffender Künstler, Hacker und Programmierer. Er hat an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK, Neue Medien (BA) und Fine Arts (MA) studiert. Sein Interesse gilt dem Forschungsgebiet der Medientechnologien und deren Anwendungen in der künstlerischen Praxis. Er entwickelte Applikationen und Inhalte für das 3D LED Display NOVA der ETH Zürich. Als Mitglied der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Mechatronische Kunst SGMK gibt er regelmässig Workshops und ist Co-Organisator des diy*-Festivals. 2010 gründete er die Zentrale für angewandte Automation und Kunst ZAAK. Zur Zeit arbeitet Christoph Stähli als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology ICST an der ZHdK.


Christoph Stähli is working as freelance artist, hacker and programmer. He studied New Media (BA) and Fine Arts (MA) at the Universitiy of the Arts Zurich, ZHdK. His interest lies in the broad scientific field of media technologies and their applications in artist based practices. He developed content and software for the 3d LED display NOVA of ETH Zurich. As a member of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society SGMK he's giving workshops and is co-organizer of the diy*-festival. 2010 he founded ZAAK (Zentrum für angewandte Automation und Kunst). Currently Christoph Stähli is working as research associate at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology ICST at ZHdK.

Dan Mackinlay:


Dan MacKinlay ist Mathematiker, Musikant, und experimentelles Frittieren Künstler aus Perth, Australien. Er hat Statistik an der Australische Nationale Universität und ETH studiert, und freut sich darauf, seine Musik mit der Phrase “big data” zu rechtfertigen. Dieses Jahr hat er Residenz in Indonesien, um neue elektronische Audioeffekte für sundanesische musikalische Aufführungen zu entwickeln.


Dan MacKinlay is a mathematician, musician and experimental deep-frying artist from Perth, Australia. He has trained in statistics at the Australian National University and The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and is looking forward to justifying his musical practice using the word “big data”. He will be resident in Indonesia this year, working on new digital effects for Sundanese classical performance.

Kaspar König:


Kaspar König is a transdisciplinary artist with a focus on the embedding of the context into the project, concert or workshop. He has a Master degree in Sound art and Composition from the Conservatory in Mainz and a degree in Industrial Design from Berlin UdK. He works since 1999 with sustainable design, sound & performance and since 2012 at the University of the Arts in Zu?rich. He creates real inventions for the eyes,ears and other senses using recycling techniques and simple systems to make social sculptures and perform acoustic and visual surprises. Also organizes workshops & exhibitions, artist in residencies and installations. He is initiator of the "artspace rondeel", “ARM.NU”,”OHP” and non-profit organization "stichting de vier koningen" for catalyzing culture. Visit the website for more information.