Dynamized Center - Aluan Wang (tw) (A/V Performance)

event - Dynamized Center
event - Dynamized Center
event - Dynamized Center

Die Raum- Zeit-Krümmung, das Zentrum eines jeden Universums – ein dynamisches, sich ausdehnendes Phänomen. Wir erinnern uns an die spektakulären Bilder des Hubble Teleskop.

Because every universe is enclosed in curves, every universe is concentrated in a nucleus, a spore, a dynamized center. And this center is powerful, because it is an imagined center. This performance is created with PureData, including visual objects and sounds.


Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015, 21:30

@klubi: 5 CHF
Mit Festivalpass: gratis

Events mit Aluan Wang (tw)

Freitag, 17. Juli 2015, 20:00 / talk


Wasserwerkstrasse 89a
8037 Zürich

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Wang, Hsin-Jen (Aluan) graduated from New Media Department, Taipei National University of the Arts , specializes in multimedia design. His creation is AudioVisual performances. Since 2010, Aluan is actively involved in the promotion of free software with OpenLab Taipei, and also designs interactive images for theater and dance performances.

Selected Activities

2012 Digital Art Awards Taipei

2011 Arising Artist Award of New Taipei City

2011 Pdcon 2011 Weimar, performance