Bringing down Drones with Stones - Alejo Duque (co) (Workshop)

event - Bringing down Drones with Stones
event - Bringing down Drones with Stones
event - Bringing down Drones with Stones

"Bringing down Drones with Stones" ist ein Workshop zur Sensibilisierung der alltäglichen Überwachung durch Satelliten und Drohnen. Mittels der Soft- und Hardware HackRF sowie ASAT werden die Übertragungsfrequenzen detektiert und analysiert. Künstlerischer Widerstand anhand selbstgebauter Mini-Flugobjekten.

We will experiment with quadcopters and remote control planes carrying photocameras and gps devices are flying around us all around the planet. how can we develop together a way to understand the different purposes this technologies bring along. Age : 10 years old +

The main intention of my proposed workshop will be to raise some critical awareness towards tele controlled technologies and place special interest on the layer that mediates our relationship to the "real" physical world vr the so called "augmented" layer that appears as HUD's (Head Up Display) or OSD (On Screen Display) then play the game of throwing stuff like perhaps LED's attached to lithium batteries and magnets (aka throwies )

We will capture images taken from the perspective of a flying device (not necessarily a drone but an object close to that idea of the UAV) and transmit them live to a local projection. “Drones” tracking people, people tracking “drones”. We better train ourselves on the techniques of Bringing Down Drones With Stones.

The "workshop" proposal will continue to orbit around the "collective performance" enacted BDDWS ­Bringing Down Drones With Stones­. This time I will integrate some spectrum analysis principles using the HackRF and hopefully integrate notions of ASAT (Anti­Satellite Technologies) from the perspective of citizen science making use of the nodes that poolloop MeshNetwork to set up for the wireless community. A possible way to develop a system that could jam video transmission and radio control signals for so called drone toys.

Freitag, 17. Juli 2015, 18:00 - 20:00

Workshop: 5.- CHF + Materialkosten 10.- CHF
Mit Festivalpass: gratis + Materialkosten 10.- CHF

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Freitag, 17. Juli 2015, 20:30 / talk


8037 Zürich

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Alejo Dunque (co)

// deutsch:

ist Kolumbianischer Medienkünstler, welcher sich mit partizipativen Netzwerken beschäftigt. Insbesondere versteht er sich als Anstifter zur kulturellen Vernetzung. Er ist Mitbegründer von zahlreichen Hacklabs im Netz, unter anderem Bricolabs, Dorkbot Co.Operaciones und labSurlab. Ein zentrales Thema Alejo Dunques Arbeit ist die Überwachung, insbesondere die Überwachung des Menschen mittels Satelliten und Drohnen. Er eröffnet in seine Arbeiten einen kritischen Diskurs zu dieser immer aggressiver auftretenden Kontrolle.


Alejo Duque. Colombian artist based in Switzerland recently graduated with highest distinctions after defending his Ph.D at the E.G.S with a dissertation entitled: "The Illnatured". Duque is prolific instigator of participatory arts that aim to build cultural agitation across networks, while focusing on the global ‘South’. He has worked on setting up community network projects and non-localised hacklabs while being an active member of networks like Bricolabs, dorkbot-[k.0_lab], Co.Operaciones and labSurlab of which he is also one of the initiators. Duque ia a Member of the Locus Sonus Laboratory (sound and the networks) where he has had the chance to lead workshops for artists under the title “Into the electromagnetic spectrum”, Invisible Landscapes and TRUeQUE. For more, see: (another free software and hamradio licensed user)